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About Us

The 2016 Idaho Legislature created the Idaho Office of School Safety and Security to support the efforts of Idaho public schools as they work to create safer learning environments.

By statute, the Office works within a triennial schedule to perform comprehensive threat and vulnerability assessments on every school campus. Following a campus visit, administrators are provided a summary of the assessment with a list of possible mitigation strategies. In addition to assessment services, the Office also provides training, support and serves as a comprehensive repository of effective practices.

Our Mission

It is the mission of the Idaho Office of School Safety and Security to foster safer student environments by supporting school communities with assessment, training and expertise.

Goals to Fulfilling Our Mission

  1. Develop and employ a comprehensive process and instrument for Triennial school assessments and reports.
  2. Maintain accurate information on school locations and conditions, tracking facility additions and changes.
  3. Identify and implement multiple modes of support for the improvement of safety and security within schools.
  4. Identify and establish connection with the agencies, institutions and organizations that serve schools, school personnel, or provide some type of service useful for promoting safety and security within the school environment.
  5. Identify incidents, conditions and trends that threaten schools. Research and develop effective practices for the purpose of distributing information and providing training as needed. Research and evaluate the efficacy of technological security solutions, advising school on possible implementation.
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