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Analyst Region Map

School Safety and Security Analysts with the Idaho Office of School Safety and Security are charged with conducting vulnerability assessments of every publicly funded school in Idaho on a three-year basis. In addition, Analysts are available to provide training, technical assistance and resources related to matters of school safety upon request and without charge. To find out who the Analyst is for your region, use your mouse to hover over your location on the map below.

North - Mark Feddersen Southwest - Mike Munger South/Central - Elliot Cox South/Central - Elliot Cox East - Guy Bliesner
North – Mark Feddersen

(208) 625-7256

Southwest- Elliot Cox

(509) 393-4407

South/Central – Jacob Milner

(208) 986-1218

East – Guy Bliesner

(208) 221-3145

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