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Securing Our Future (SOF) Grant Program

The Securing Our Future (SOF) Grant Program is a school safety partnership initiative between the Governor’s Office, The Idaho Legislature and the Idaho State Board of Education. The goal of the SOF grants are to fund meaningful, durable and demonstrated effective security improvements in Idaho K-12 schools.

Phase one and two are closed and no longer accepting submissions.

Award Notifications

Thank you to all the SOF Phase 2 Applicants for your investment of time, effort, and energy on behalf of Idaho’s students.

Award Recipient List

The SOF-2 grant program generated significant interest throughout the state with nearly $23 million of project requests for the available $6.1 million in funding. Grant reviewers have diligently reviewed the applications and we are compiling their feedback. All applicants will receive an email next week with their award status.

Again, thank you for your dedication to student safety and your diligent effort in that regard. If you have not received a notification email by Friday, April 12th, 2024 please contact Katie Francis.

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