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Plans & Planning Assistance

Unfortunately, school related safety incidents are not uncommon. Every day in Idaho schools, students and staff have to contend with a variety of threats and vulnerabilities. School safety plans provide the framework for responses that ensure the safety of all students and staff. Team-based planning and an all-hazards approach provide for the most efficient use of resources and the best chances for everyone to emerge from an incident safely.

In many cases, school administrators need assistance in working through the pre-planning assessment, the planning process itself and eventually developing a training and exercises program to test the effectiveness of the overall planning effort. Security Analysts are made available to school administrators, district officials and school board members to help facilitate the planning process. The overall goal is to craft a plan individually suited to the school’s specific threat profile, response capabilities and operations.

To make an appointment with a regional school safety analyst, use the contact information on the contact page to reach out to the analyst in your area.

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